Monday, July 8, 2013

Parent's Tips Continued

While going through my files I came across another great parent tool. This was made by Kayla with Primary Junction. I was not able to find the exact post for this :( But Thanks to Desiree with Kinders on the Block she found Kayla's post about Building Skills at Home and shared the post with me!

Hope you find it helpful!

See Spanish Version Below! This is WONDERFUL for OUR parents and students!
See below for other wonderful helpful tips!

We hope you will visit Kayla at Primary Junction to download your free copy of Building Sills at Home! Click the picture below to go directly to Primary Junction's TPT page to download!


  1. I found the link to the post if you wanted it here. It was such a great idea, I wanted to read more about it. Plus I found that she had a Spanish version too. Thanks for the great find!:)
    Kinders on the Block

    1. Desiree, THANK YOU SO MUCH for finding that post for me!! I had looked and looked and just could not find it (I think I had looked at too many things! LOL). I can add it to my post now! Thanks again.