Monday, September 30, 2013

SHES's Kindergarten Camping Day

Friday, September 20th, 2013

WOW, What an AMAZING Camping Day Our Kindergarten Crew Had! This was our 1st Kindergarten Rotation and it went very well (even with having an evacuation drill in the middle of rotation). Our Kinders did a great job!

We had a 6 classroom rotation:
~ Mrs. Cain - What items would we need camping and what animals might you see?

~ Ms. Rhodes - We're going on a bear hunt & Can you find the number (Tent & Flashlight Addition).

~Ms. Page - All about Fireflies (Our Kinders LOVED Ms. Pages' HUGE Tent! I so wish was I able to get a picture of some of their faces the first time they saw it!)

~ Mrs. Snapp - What do we see lots of when we are camping? SPIDERS AND SPIDER WEBS! Mrs. Snapp had a 3 group rotation in her class room!
1 - Let's make a spider

2 - How do spiders eat their pray?

3 - Spider Webs - Why do spiders not stick to spider webs?

~ Mrs. Whitener - Have you ever been camping?
(Pictures to come soon)

~ Mrs. Gibson - Camping Words! Take a look at her fantastic Bon Fire!

Our Camping Rotation was such a great to end our 2 week camping unit!
*** More Pictures from Camping Day - To Be Added Soon! ***

Our K Crew ROCKS
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