Thursday, July 4, 2013

A few of our App-Solutely Most Favorite Apps

What are your App-Solutely most favorite apps to use in your classroom? We have came up with our TOP 5 apps for both Teachers and Students. See below! It was pretty difficult coming up with just 5!
1. Dropbox: We use Dropbox on a daily basis in Kindergarten. This is a very easy and quick way to share items within your grade level and even school wide. We have a shared "Kindergarten Folder"! Free

2. Pinterest: By now almost everyone as at least heard of Pinterest (I think anyway)! Use this app with caution: It is extremely addictive! This app and website is our go-to resource for ideas. Free

3. QuickGrader: We use this app very often for grading various projects, test, etc. There is a Free Version.

4. Google Translate: We work at a school that is probably 80 - 85% Hispanic if not more so this app comes in very handy at times. You are able to type what you need translated or speak it. Free

5. BlogLovin: This one has to be my current App-Solutely Favorite app. This app allows to follow all your favorite blogs and discover new ones. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this app. Free

1. These are 3 different apps from THUP Games.
*Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox - $0.99
*Monkey Word School Adventure - $1.99
*Monkey Math School Sunshine - $1.99

2. Pocket Chart Pro: This app has several different "pocket chart" activities that a student can do. (From Letters, Sounds, Numbers, Shapes, etc.) $4.99

3. Letter School: This app is wonderful for students to learn all about letters and numbers: writing, counting, phonics and more. $2.99

4. Draw & Tell HD: This app is wonderful for storytelling and more. Use the tool to draw, color, decorate with stickers, create animations and record stories. $2.99

5. Bugsy K Math: Bugsy is a very hungry hamster. Keep his fridge stocked by playing fun math games.$2.99

Although the student apps are not all free, some do have lite versions. For our students they are all worth the $$. BUT for my personal App-Solutely most favorite app for the summer...

Do you play??? If so, what level are you on? It's Level 118 for me! We would love to hear some of your favorite apps in your classroom! Do you have iPads and if so how many?
Hoping to hear from you all soon! Happy 4th of July!

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